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About The Diving Game

How to use?
  • Your WellyWeight is a dive and retrieve toy designed to be fun and to build your little one’s confidence of going under the water.  
  • Select one of three modes and just throw.....then get your little ones to jump into the water and get it! Once retrieved, tap it (on the bottom of the pool, on your hand, on the side of the pool etc) to turn it green. If you run out of time the Welly goes red. Don’t fear, your little ones can try again and again!  
  • Under the boot of your WellyWeight (heel end) there is a button;  
  • ᴑ Press once for a 10 second game - shown with a blue light  
  • ᴑ  Press twice for a 20 second game - shown with a white light  
  • ᴑ  Press three times for a 30 second game - shown with a yellow light  
  • Once you select the game of your choice your Welly- Weights light will stay fixed - after a short period the light will start flashing  
  • Depending on the mode (10, 20, or 30 seconds) this is the amount of time your little ones have to get your WellyWeight. Tap it to make it go green and win the game. Again, if the game is not won, your WellyWeight will go red. Use the button on the bottom of your WellyWeight to play again!  
  • Salt water is not our friend and will rust the charging port. Using in salt will null and void your warranty.
How to charge?
  • Charging - Your WellyWeight will show red when charging and then green when fully charged and ready to use.  
  • To see how much battery remains on your WellyWeight - press and hold the same button at the bottom;  

ᴑ Green light shows ready to use ᴑ Amber shows it’s time to charge ᴑ Red shows battery is about to run out  

  • Your WellyWeight will come with a charging wire and will also work with any USB-C charger.  
  • Your WellyWeight will arrive with 60% charge - please charge as soon as you can to get a full battery (charging port as at the heel of the boot)  
  • Your WellyWeight will last 3 hours or 220 games. It lasts longer on the shorter games.  
  • Your WellyWeight will only take 2 hours to fully charge.  
  • Your WellyWeight will come with a charging wire and will also work with any USB-C charger.  
  • Do not attempt to dismantle or use the toy in any other way than described otherwise it will not be in scope of after sales warranty.  
WellyWeight Safety
  • Always follow poolside rules. They are there to keep your little ones safe.  
  • Never take risks holding your breath for too long. Know yours and your little one’s limits.  
  • Never throw the toy at someone it will hurt them - the toy is only designed to be thrown into the water.  
How long can you go?

Tested to a depth of 5 meters - using at a greater depth invalidates your warranty. 

Important Safety

The toy has passed the CE, FCC and RoHS tests. As parents of children we expect high standards of others and we have ensured we have followed them for our toy.

Where can I buy?

We have just launched in the UK, plans are underway to bring our toy to everyone.

What is the age rating?

We have passed UK, EU and US testing standards for ages 5+

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges


We have done our best to use as little packaging as possible, this may bring its critics but we wanted to keep waste to a mini- mum and it’s something we will continue to work on. 

How do I return?

Please contact us and we will help – please go to the ‘Contact’ section on the top left of the screen and send us a message.

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