Our Story

Our WellyWeight story

We started WellyWeight with the intention of making a dive toy for the family - something that looked a little different.

Originally, we just wanted a welly-shaped toy, but then our daughter, Hermione, said it would be cool if it had lights, So, we put our thinking caps on and did just that.

We had great fun playing with it in the pool and started getting interest from other families/children and swimming teachers, who wanted to have a go! One child enjoyed it so much they swam off with it when we weren't looking! The unplanned interest made us realise that we should make this for other families to enjoy too.

So Team Lewis set to work to turn our basic prototype into a toy for everyone.

We made packaging, designed logos, sourced buttons for little fingers, and spent a lot of time in pools. When we didn't have access to pools during the pandemic we tested in our paddling pool! As a result, WellyWeight has been tested to the max and certified by all the relevant bodies.

The making of our toy has been a learning experience for our family. If you notice our videos aren't perfect, it's because we make them! We want them to represent us. So, sometimes we make mistakes…but we have great fun doing so,

We hope our toy brings you the same pleasure it brings us. In fact, we'd love to see photos of you and your family enjoying WellyWeight together. Share the love using the hashtag #WellyWeight

Find us

Tech lab specialist


Highlight of the year - Winning a gold for his backstroke at the Olympic park
Likes about WW - Enjoys testing the products and making sure every toy works first time 
Favourite book - Any of the Dogman books
Favourite tv show - Match of the day with Daddy
Favourite food - Will try anything but loves a Sunday roast

Social media guru (under parental supervision)


Highlight of the year - Front crawl personal best
Likes about WW - loves the stickers and enjoys boxing up orders, they really are packaged with love
Favourite book -My Hero Academia
Favourite tv show- The 1% Club
Favourite food - Pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes….but don’t forget the Nutella

The Boss


Highlight of the year - Completed her level 2 swimming teacher qualification
Likes about WW - Loved the family time working together
Favourite book - Love a true crime story
Favourite tv show - Any Saturday night TV entertainment show
Favourite food - Homemade cottage pie

Chief Time Waster


Highlight of the year - Seeing the first shipment of product arrive
Likes about WW - The curious looks we’ve had from kids when we are testing the toys
Favourite book - Project Management for Dummies
Favourite tv show - Can be heard groaning when Saturday night tv comes on
Favourite food- Loves a BBQ